Job-lot production of machine parts and devices for various industries in accordance with the customer’s documentation, including products manufactured of carbon steel, alloy steel, tool steel, non-ferrous metals, high density plastics (POM, HDPE, HMPE, PA, etc.) together with the required heat treatment, chemical treatment, thermochemical treatment in CNC processing, electroplating as well as powder painting and spray painting, in collaboration with the trusty cooperants.

Realization of the complete projects in accordance with the customer’s documentation, together with the indispensable assembly and provision of trade components, electric, hydraulic, pneumatic, and automation systems as well as housing made of black iron and stainless plate.


Producing gear wheels with teeth T5, AT5, T 10, AT 10 – up to 120 teeth of aluminium with a lead hole as preliminary prepared elements, pinions up to 400 mm of length or complete subassemblies on the basis of documentation of the customer. Manufacturing of wheels with or without zinc plated side rings in the process of discrete manufacturing as well as by means of job-lot production.